AI Made for humans

Make Your Quant EA

Using more than 200 features and multiple machine-learning methods, the FxIgor Quant Team will develop, improve, and make a robust MetaTrader Expert Advisor. Give us simple rules, and we will give you EA and data.

how it works

What Will You Get?

  1. You provide basic trading rules and get advanced trading strategies generated by artificial intelligence (AI) to create an Expert Advisor (EA), a software program for automated trading.
  2. By integrating AI-generated rules with your initial trading rules, the EA is designed to make more innovative and data-driven trading decisions, potentially leading to increased profitability.
  3. The result is an improved profit factor, indicating that the EA is expected to generate more profits relative to losses, making it a potentially more effective tool for trading in financial markets.

Stay on Track

Our AI platform generates more than 200 features and finds the optimal model.

Get from us

  • Basic EA
  • Improved AI EA
  • Excel Database
  • 24 years testing


We use our cloud platform and VPS to generate models and finally choose the best EA rules.


We use the platform we developed for Leanta prop company 11 years ago.

Human Power

On your EA will work with top-notch quants, data scientists, and MQL4 programmers.

Built with brains

Get the Best Robust Model!

We will choose the best model from classification and regression models using standard machine learning, ensemble, and symbolic regression models.

Fast Working

You will get your EA from 72 hours to 10 days (depending on the time frame and complexity).

Asset Adaptability

We will develop robust EA that can be applied to various assets.

Simple Solution

You will get a simple EA to use and an Excel database. You do not need to know machine learning or any programming language.

Get results IN EXCEL


Except for MT4 EA, you will get Excel files with more than 200 features. You will get more than 200 indicators values and various price levels for each entry position price. You can use Excel for future EA improvements and ideas!

important FACT

Your Trading Rules Are Most Important

We do not guarantee success. However, if you provide trading rules to accomplish Profit Factor >1 (nonlosing EA), you can get profitable EA.

Ready to Start?

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