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How it works?

  • Provide Trading Rules:
    • Submit your BUY and SELL rules for the trading system.
    • Optionally, include custom indicators for more precise strategy definition.
  • Initial EA Creation:
    • Our team constructs a basic MQL4 Expert Advisor (EA) based on the rules you provide.
  • Integration into AI Platform:
    • The newly created EA is then integrated into our advanced AI platform.
  • Data Generation and Analysis:
    • Every BUY or SELL trade the EA executes generates over 200 distinct features.
    • These features contribute to the development of a comprehensive database.
  • Development of Classification Models:
    • We employ classification models to identify rules that could enhance the profitability of your EA.
  • Advanced-Data Analysis:
    • Our data scientist spends 48 hours to 4 days creating decision trees, ensemble models, and symbolic regression rules.
    • The goal is to develop a stable and robust EA.
  • Selection and Integration of Optimal Models:
    • From the developed models, 1-2 optimal models are selected.
    • These models are then incorporated into the EA for enhanced performance.
  • Final Deliverables:
    • You receive an AI-enhanced Excel Database and the refined AI Expert Advisor for your trading needs.
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