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Simple Pricing

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Basic Price


The whole process of EA development costs our staff $499.

  • You will get MQL4 EA
  • You will get MQL5 EA
  • You will get an Excel Database

Additional Rules


Each additional task in future after we develop EA is calculated by working hours. Additional Simple rules cost $90. Half an hour of programmer work is $90.

Custom Price


For complex tasks, you will get price by agreement. We will provide you with our costs, and if you agree, we will send you an invoice.

Before payment, you will get the invoice.

Accepted Payment Methods

We use the Wise payment system. You can pay using a credit card or a Wise account. However, we can make additional payment arrangements.

Money-Back Guarantee!

If we can not develop EA, we will return the money.

SSL Secure Payment

We use the Invoice system and only highly reputable payment systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a Question?

Please read the most common questions and answers.

Yes. When we provide you with the EA source and ex4 code, you will be the system’s owner, and you can sell Ea to third parties.

No. We do not guarantee a profitable Expert Advisor. However, if you provide trading rules that can achieve a Profit Factor>1, we will be able to create improved EA with higher accuracy tested in previous historical data. We are charging quants and programmers working time.